The Inadequacy of Argument

Today in business, as elsewhere, there is a huge need to be constructive and creative. There is a need to solve problems and to open up opportunities. There is a need to design new possibilities, not just to argue between two existing possibilities.

About Prevail

The Prevail Organization is committed to improving how we engage each other in this society. Prevail has been working with business organizations since 1994.

A Structured Framework for Decision Making

Businesses are very good at empowering their people to make strong decisions when money is on the line. There are extensive training programs for executives and leaders. Why not push for justice using the same expertise?

The Center for Innovative Thinking

The justice system is founded on the idea that ordinary people can be executors of justice. At the Center for Innovative Thinking, we uphold that idea, and we want to make sure those people are able to express themselves to the best of their abilities. We’ve developed a system to empower jurors and result in efficient, high quality trials that avoid costly, time-consuming retrials and other litigation.